We are a leading distributor providing a niche combination of market growth services in the specialty chemicals market - an innovative service provider.

  • We leverage our deep industry knowledge and specialized know- how to help our customers & manufacturers on their growth plans.

  • Our strong relationship with leading manufacturers helps us offer the ‘tailor made’ solutions which are customer centric.

  • The expertise we bring with a unique range of services elevate ‘customer delight’.

Innovation through formulation.

A collaborative, team-oriented approach.

With a relentless focus on continuous improvement, we go beyond logistics to deliver the type of value-added solutions designed to help you achieve success. .

  • Innovate
  • Grow
  • Achieve

Our Brands

Each brand's focus on absolute customer service and technical know-how, backed by a global network of resources, provides customers and principals with unsurpassed value. Leveraging renowned local and regional brands provides us with a unique go-to market strategy. All of our brands are the best-in-class manufacturers in their respective market and offer the highest quality products and technologies supported with application labs and technical service.

Water Treatment

Serving all water treatment markets

We offer you a wide selection of water treatment chemicals and related products for any water treatment requirements.

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Our Leadership

The Value-Chem Technologies leadership team oversees the company's business strategy, ensuring effective corporate governance and implementing a fresh, innovative vision of Value-Chem as a leading innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals industry.